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UPDATED: Oct 4, 2023

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To Sum It Up

  • USAA is a policy for service members and their families 
  • Geico offers several discounts to active and retired members 
  • USAA is the cheapest option

When you’re relaxed watching television, you’ve probably seen a commercial or two from Geico and USAA, which reminds you, you need car insurance. If your options for car insurance from either of these companies, check out this Geico vs. USAA auto insurance review.

Both these companies, Geico, USAA, offer discounts for military personnel and veterans auto insurance. Both companies are also widely recognized around the United States and are known for their affordable programs. 

You want to compare Geico auto insurance with that from USAA, use our free tool to see what rates are in your area. Enter your ZIP code to compare all your local auto insurance companies for the best car insurance rates for you. 

Comparing USAA vs. Geico Rates

Clearly, the number one thing that auto insurance customers are looking for is affordability balanced with the security they need. After some research, we’ve found that USAA beats outs its competitors it average price in low, medium and high auto insurance policies.

Check out the table below for the line by line breakdown of nationwide competitors.

StateAllstateAmerican FamilyFarmersGeicoLiberty MutualNationwideProgressiveState FarmTravelersUSAA
Alaska$3,145.31$4,153.07Data Not Available$2,879.96$5,295.55Data Not Available$3,062.85$2,228.12Data Not Available$2,454.21
Alabama$3,311.52Data Not Available$4,185.80$2,866.60$4,005.48$2,662.66$4,450.52$4,798.15$3,697.80$2,124.09
Arkansas$5,150.03Data Not Available$4,257.87$3,484.63Data Not Available$3,861.79$5,312.09$2,789.03$5,973.33$2,171.06
Arizona$4,904.10Data Not Available$5,000.08$2,264.71Data Not Available$3,496.08$3,577.50$4,756.25$3,084.74$3,084.29
California$4,532.96Data Not Available$4,998.78$2,885.65$3,034.42$4,653.19$2,849.67$4,202.28$3,349.54$2,693.87
Colorado$5,537.17$3,733.02$5,290.24$3,091.69$2,797.74$3,739.47$4,231.92$3,270.77Data Not Available$3,338.87
Connecticut$5,831.60Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,073.66$7,282.87$3,672.34$4,920.35$2,976.24$6,004.29$3,190.00
District of Columbia$6,468.92Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,692.81Data Not Available$4,848.98$4,970.26$4,074.05Data Not Available$2,580.44
Delaware$6,316.06Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,727.29$18,360.02$4,330.21$4,181.83$4,466.85$4,182.36$2,325.98
Florida$7,440.46Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,783.63$5,368.15$4,339.60$5,583.30$3,397.67Data Not Available$2,850.41
Georgia$4,210.70Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,977.20$10,053.44$6,484.90$4,499.22$3,384.88Data Not Available$3,157.46
Hawaii$2,173.49Data Not Available$4,763.82$3,358.86$3,189.55$2,551.83$2,177.93$1,040.28Data Not Available$1,189.35
Idaho$4,088.76$3,728.79$3,168.28$2,770.68$2,301.51$3,032.19Data Not Available$1,867.96$3,226.29$1,877.61
Indiana$3,978.81$3,679.68$3,437.55$2,261.07$5,781.35Data Not Available$3,898.00$2,408.94$3,393.75$1,630.86
Kentucky$7,143.92Data Not AvailableData Not Available$4,633.59$5,930.97$5,503.23$5,547.63$3,354.32$6,551.68$2,897.89
Louisiana$5,998.79Data Not AvailableData Not Available$6,154.60Data Not AvailableData Not Available$7,471.10$4,579.12Data Not Available$4,353.12
Maine$3,675.59Data Not Available$2,770.15$2,823.05$4,331.39Data Not Available$3,643.59$2,198.68$2,252.97$1,930.79
Maryland$5,233.17Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,832.63$9,297.55$2,915.69$4,094.86$3,960.87Data Not Available$2,744.14
Massachusetts$2,708.53Data Not AvailableData Not Available$1,510.17$4,339.35Data Not Available$3,835.11$1,361.86$3,537.94$1,458.99
Michigan$22,902.59Data Not Available$8,503.60$6,430.11$20,000.04$6,327.38$5,364.55$12,565.52$8,773.97$3,620.00
Minnesota$4,532.01$3,521.29$3,137.45$3,498.54$13,563.61$2,926.49Data Not Available$2,066.99Data Not Available$2,861.60
Missouri$4,096.15$3,286.90$4,312.19$2,885.33$4,518.67$2,265.35$3,419.14$2,692.91Data Not Available$2,525.78
Mississippi$4,942.11Data Not AvailableData Not Available$4,087.21$4,455.94$2,756.53$4,308.85$2,980.48$3,729.32$2,056.13
Montana$4,672.10Data Not Available$3,907.55$3,602.35$1,326.11$3,478.26$4,330.76$2,417.74Data Not Available$2,031.89
North Carolina$7,190.43Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,936.69$2,182.71$2,848.03$2,382.61$3,078.65$3,132.66Data Not Available
North Dakota$4,669.31$3,812.40$3,092.49$2,668.24$12,852.83$2,560.35$3,623.06$2,560.53Data Not Available$2,006.80
Nebraska$3,198.83$2,215.13$3,997.29$3,837.49$6,241.52$2,603.94$3,758.01$2,438.71Data Not Available$2,330.78
New Hampshire$2,725.01Data Not AvailableData Not Available$1,615.02$8,444.41$2,491.10$2,694.45$2,185.46Data Not Available$1,906.96
New Jersey$5,713.58Data Not Available$7,617.00$2,754.94$6,766.62Data Not Available$3,972.72$7,527.16$4,254.49Data Not Available
New Mexico$4,200.65Data Not Available$4,315.53$4,458.30Data Not Available$3,514.38$3,119.18$2,340.66Data Not Available$2,296.77
New York$4,740.97Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,428.24$6,540.73$4,012.93$3,771.15$4,484.58$4,578.79$3,761.69
Oklahoma$3,718.62Data Not Available$4,142.40$3,437.34$6,874.62Data Not Available$4,832.35$2,816.80Data Not Available$3,174.15
Pennsylvania$3,984.12Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,605.22$6,055.20$2,800.37$4,451.00$2,744.23$7,842.47$1,793.37
Rhode Island$4,959.45Data Not AvailableData Not Available$5,602.63$6,184.12$4,409.63$5,231.09$2,406.51$6,909.45$4,323.98
South Carolina$3,903.43Data Not Available$4,691.85$3,178.01Data Not Available$3,625.49$4,573.08$3,071.34Data Not Available$3,424.77
South Dakota$4,723.72$4,047.47$3,768.80$2,940.29$7,515.99$2,737.66$3,752.81$2,306.23Data Not AvailableData Not Available
Tennessee$4,828.85Data Not Available$3,430.07$3,283.42$6,206.69$3,424.96$3,656.91$2,639.30$2,738.52$2,739.28
Texas$5,485.44$4,848.72Data Not Available$3,263.28Data Not Available$3,867.55$4,664.69$2,879.94Data Not Available$2,487.89
Utah$3,566.42$3,698.77$3,907.99$2,965.57$4,327.76$2,986.57$3,830.10$4,645.83Data Not Available$2,491.10
Virginia$3,386.80Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,061.53Data Not Available$2,073.00$2,498.58$2,268.95Data Not Available$1,858.38
Vermont$3,190.38Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,195.71$3,621.08$2,128.21$5,217.14$4,382.84Data Not Available$1,903.55
Washington$3,540.52$3,713.02$2,962.00$2,568.65$3,994.73$2,129.84$3,209.52$2,499.78Data Not Available$2,262.16
West Virginia$3,820.68Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,120.80$2,924.39Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,126.32Data Not Available$1,984.62
Wisconsin$4,854.41$1,513.27$3,777.49$3,926.20$6,758.85$5,224.99$3,128.91$2,387.53Data Not Available$2,975.74
Wyoming$4,373.93Data Not Available$3,069.35$3,496.56$1,989.36$3,187.20$4,401.17$2,303.55Data Not Available$2,779.53

Geico vs. USAA Effortless Claims Process

Ease of Filing a Claim (Online, Over the Phone, Mobile Apps)

When it comes to filing a claim with Geico and USAA, both companies offer multiple convenient options for their customers. Whether you prefer online, phone, or mobile app submissions, both insurers have you covered. They understand the importance of providing easy and accessible methods for policyholders to report claims promptly.

Average Claim Processing Time

The efficiency of claim processing can significantly impact your experience with an auto insurance company. Geico and USAA have demonstrated commendable performance in this aspect. While specific processing times may vary depending on the nature of the claim, both companies have consistently strived to expedite the claims process to minimize disruptions for their policyholders.

Customer Feedback on Claim Resolutions and Payouts

Customer feedback is a valuable indicator of an insurer’s performance in resolving claims and handling payouts. Geico and USAA have received positive reviews for their fair and efficient claim resolutions. Policyholders have expressed satisfaction with the promptness and fairness of settlements, which underscores these companies’ commitment to providing reliable support during difficult times.

Unveiling Digital and Technological Innovations of Geico vs. USAA

Mobile App Features and Functionality

In today’s digital age, insurance companies must offer robust mobile app experiences to meet the evolving needs of their tech-savvy customers. Both Geico and USAA have invested in developing feature-rich mobile apps. These apps allow policyholders to manage their accounts, access policy information, file claims, and even request roadside assistance, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Online Account Management Capabilities

For those who prefer managing their insurance policies online, both Geico and USAA offer comprehensive online account management capabilities. This includes the ability to review policy details, make payments, update personal information, and view claim statuses. Their user-friendly online portals ensure that policyholders have easy access to their insurance-related tasks.

Digital Tools and Resources

Staying informed and making informed decisions is crucial when it comes to auto insurance. Geico and USAA provide policyholders with a range of digital tools and educational resources. These resources may include insurance calculators, coverage guides, and informative articles, helping customers better understand their policies and make informed choices about their coverage.

Comparing Company Ratings 

In J.D. Power‘s U.S. Auto Insurance Study released in June 2020, Geico and USAA came out on top in overall customer satisfaction all around the country.

According to the study, the following are the highest-ranking auto insurance brands by region:

  • California: Wawanesa
  • Central: Auto-Owners Insurance
  • Florida: Allstate
  • Mid-Atlantic: State Farm
  • New England: Amica Mutual
  • New York: State Farm
  • North Central: Geico
  • Northwest: Geico
  • Southeast: Farm Bureau Insurance—Tennessee
  • Southwest: American Family

Both companies have A++ or excellent ratings from AM Best. Though Geico may be better rated as an overall company versus USAA us the best for the military and their families.

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Comparing Military Discounts

While USAA is was made for current and former military, Geico does have some specific offers and special programs under its Geico auto insurance military, veterans division.

Does Geico offer a military discount?

Geico offers a few different types of programs that are meant to lower the premiums for military members and veterans.

It has its standard military discount, which gives eligible members 15 percent off of your auto insurance. This discount is available to someone who is active duty, retired from the Military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves.

There is the Emergency Deployment Discounts for when military members deploy into imminent “danger pay areas.” These areas are designated by the Department of Defense (DOD) and approved by Congress.

  • Geico also offers a discount to those involved in:
  • Association of the United States Army
  • Flat Reserve Association
  • Armed Forces Association
  • Navy League of the United States
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • American Society of Military Comptrollers

But how does that stand up against USAA?

USAA Coverage

USAA is the no doubt one of, if not, the best auto insurance for active and former members of the military. This also includes people who are deployed, though Geico, as we’ve seen offers a good option, too.

Since USAA only offers insurance to people in with the armed forces, it doesn’t necessarily count as a military discount. However, its rates are still among the best available to military families.

If you garage your vehicle, USAA will give you a discount of up to 15 percent if you keep your vehicle on base. If you are a member and you are deployed, USAA will reduce your rate by 60 percent if you store your car.

This table below wraps up the pros and cons of USAA.

Pros Cons
Cheaper rates than most providersRates go up significantly with a bad driving record (but generally still cheaper than other providers)
Multiple discounts Fewer add-ons
Strong financial ratings Poor BBB rating
Highly-rated general app Driving app is only available in select states
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So, you’ve compared auto insurance rates with USAA and Geico, which will you choose?

Geico vs. USAA: Which is the best auto insurance for military and veterans?

If you’re in the military or you fall under the eligibility requirement for USAA members, it’s highly suggested you take advantage of this program. Geico is highly-rated (as is USAA) and offers auto insurance nationwide (as does USAA), and is a good choice if you don’t fall into these categories.

Geico has similar ratings, similar offerings, however it doesn’t have the reach that USAA does.

If you’re ready to compare auto insurance providers near you, enter your ZIP code using our free tool.